EPX Microwave, Inc., is based in Silicon Valley California. The Company provides innovative switch products to the broadband wireless and communications markets in Europe, North America, Asia and around the world.


The mission of EPX Microwave is to serve the RF & Microwave interconnect market with high-quality standard as well as state-of-the-art unique products. The design team, located in both USA and Asia, boasts RF & Microwave switch design experience spanning over 60 years. Recognizing the need to produce reliable, performance products at competitive prices, manufacturing is established in Taiwan, where stringent quality standards can be fulfilled economically.


The Company’s catalog products cover a wide range of RF & Microwave electromechanical switches, meeting broad based requirements in defense, satellite, broadcast, communications and other RF & Microwave industries. However, recent EPX focus has been for the critical test switches needed in the manufacture of next generation mobile communications systems, such as 5G and beyond. So significant in such applications, is consistent high performance and switch reliability, which can only be achieved with critical design, qualified material sourcing, utmost quality manufacture, and the fullest final product testing. EPX has well established over many years, its leading position for performance and reliability, to its many key customers. The fact that EPX continues to develop and innovate new products using fundamental switch design to expand the frequency range, lower insertion loss and raise isolation, as well as minimize PIM required for many communications applications.


Products are offered either from catalog stock or to special order depending on the exact demands of the requirement. Whenever the requirement is beyond standard catalog product specifications, EPX design engineers work with customers to develop new cost-effective switch solutions. With EPX, a rapid prototype development can also help to minimize the design cycle.


EPX supports high volumes requirements, delivering directly from its factory, or provides smaller quantities through its local distributors. EPX ensures world-class quality, provides fast delivery and after sales support, all at very competitive prices.


For more detailed information email sales@epxmicrowave.com.